Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Auburn Seventh-day Adventist Church Auburn, CA


Guest Speakers

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Date Title Presenter
2016-08-27 Dear Jesus, Please Come Soon Pastor John Alspaugh Play
2014-12-19 A Celebration of Christmas Various Presenters Play
2014-11-21 A Thanksgiving Service of Music and Praise Church Members Play
2014-10-24 PHAA 7-12 Choir/Concert Band Performance 2014 Pine Hills Adventist Academy Play
2014-08-22 Shameless Audacity Bill Keresoma Play
2014-08-01 Church Service Sharing Church Members Play
2014-06-06 The Day You've Hoped For Pastor Tim McMillen Play
2014-05-16 Designer or Dictator: An Exploration of God's Law and Justice Dr. Timothy Jennings Play
2014-05-16 The God Shaped Brain Dr. Timothy Jennings Play
2014-04-25 Trust His Heart Paul Savino Play
2013-12-23 Christmas Eve Service 2013 Church Family Play
2013-12-13 The Story of Christmas Church Family Play
2013-11-22 Giving Thanks 2013 Church Family Play
2013-10-25 PHAA 7-12 Choir/Concert Band Performance 2013 Pine Hills Adventist Accademy Play
2013-08-23 Let's Open The Doors! Jim Pedersen Play
2013-08-23 Adventist Church: How What We Do Fits Into That Mission Mark Woodsen Play
2013-06-07 In The Hands of God Walt Groff Play
2013-05-24 Looking Through A Glass Darkly Jeff Pierson Play
2012-11-16 Giving Thanks 2012 Church Family Play
2012-06-01 You Are A Masterpiece Trevor Barnes Play
2012-04-13 PHAA 7-12 Choir/Concert Band 2012 Performance Pine Hills Adventist Academy Play
2011-08-26 You're Taking My Children Where? Albert Miller Play
2011-08-19 Saved By Grace Jeff Alaways Play
2011-07-15 Community Services-Why? Kendall Porco Play
2011-06-03 Do, Love, Walk Garrison Chaffee Play
2011-02-04 Weimar Choir Performance Weimar Choir Play
2010-12-17 The Legend of the Candy Cane Youth Group Play
2010-11-19 Mrs. Smith Was A Mean Saint Terry Pooler Play
2010-11-26 God Loves You Dick McDaniel Play
2010-10-29 PHAA 7-12 Choir/Band Performance PHAA Music Play
2010-08-27 Christian Education - It's Fit for a King! Dr. Kelly Bock Play
2010-06-06 The Road Not Taken Pastor Walt Groff Play
2010-05-14 Sabbath School & Sermon - People of the East Dr. James Appel Play
2010-02-12 United We Stand, Shouldn't We? Jim Pederson Play
2009-03-12 The Problem With Curiosity John Paulien Play
2009-03-12 The Last Great Deception Jon Paulien Play
2009-03-13 Open Remnant Jon Paulien Play
2009-03-13 The Last Sabbath Jon Paulien Play
2008-10-17 Adventism Gets Baptized George Knight Play
2008-10-17 I Used to Be Perfect George Knight Play
2008-10-17 Adventism Finds Itself George knight Play
2008-10-16 The Birth of a Movement George Knight Play