Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Auburn Seventh-day Adventist Church Auburn, CA


 Church History

In 1923, a small group of Seventh-day Adventists in the Auburn area began meeting together on Sabbath mornings in the home of the Aldred family. Later they moved to a a room in the rear of his wrecking yard. As they grew, they moved to the Masonic Hall above the mortuary on Commercial Street. Finally, with 26 charter members, they were officially organized as a church on 1928. 

Tired of airing out the smoke and cleaning up after Friday night parties, they moved to the Boy Scout building off of Highway 49 where they met for 2 years and started a church school. They then moved to the First Baptist Church on East Placer Street, then to the Pioneer Methodist Church on Lincoln Way. Finally they decided to build their own church home or property donated by Dr. Harold Kindopp, and moved into the new building in 1939, which was dedicated in 1944-entirely free of debt.

Even though it seated 250 people, by 1961 the Auburn Church was holding two services. So, the 242 members moved to the Gilbert Auditorium on the Campus of Pine Hills Junior Academy on Dairy St. in Auburn and began planning for a new church facility. In 1969 they moved into Phase 1 of the new structure, located on a private road eventually called Rock Creek Road. In 1973, they moved into the new Sanctuary. And that is where the current Auburn Seventh-day Adventist Church currently holds there worship services today. 



Pictures From Top Left to Bottom Right: The first official church in 1944, The big arches in the Sanctuary, The building of the Sanctuary in 1973, Inside the completed Sanctuary, The church around the year 2000.

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  Church Purpose

The Auburn Seventh-Day Adventist Church purposes to be a dynamic church, exalting God in worship, proclaiming His Word, upholding Adventist beliefs, and continuing the ministry of Christ thru:




 Fellowship with God and one another
 Restoration of the love and truth of God
 Interceding for God's kingdom to grow
 Evangelizing our community for Christ
 Nurturing one another to be like Jesus
 Discipling others to win hearts to Christ
 Serving God as we bless and help others


                         (This stained glass can be seen in our Sanctuary)